What to Expect with Your Newborn Session

Wondering what to expect at your newborn photo session?
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My recommendations have developed from lots of practical “trial and error” experience. I’ve tried to streamline what makes for the best session and the most beautiful pictures while staying open to the moments and images that your baby offers.

For clothing, either nothing/diaper only, or a snug onesie are the very best choices. Other things are fine too, but in general newborns tend to swim in their clothing, and while it looks all cute and cuddly to the eye, it bunches up around their faces and looks less cute in your photos. “Less is more”, so you can focus on all those details of their little faces, hands, feet, etc. I bring several blankets – some for wrapping baby and some for backdrops, but I definitely like using your blankets – whether handmade, gifts, or just favorites you’ve got – those are often the best ones and add a very personal touch to the photos. I have a basket that is superb for posing newborns. If you have one of those boppy style nursing pillows, they’re great too. I don’t bring hats, headbands or any of those little cocoon-y things but love using them if you have them (and if you want them, I can recommend some great sources for them!)

The session usually takes the full two hours, but not all of that will be shooting – some of it will be feeding a baby who has suddenly decided that no matter what else is supposed to be happening right now, there is no happiness in the world apart from mama and milk. Happens almost every time! So if it happens to you, don’t sweat it – I planned for it. On the other hand, once in a while, babies relax and go to sleep and the whole thing is done in 45 minutes. I warn you of this too so you don’t think I’m cutting you short if your baby happily lets me do my job efficiently!

I’ll pick a spot in your house with nice light and set up there – often the floor or your bed. I try to use as much natural light as possible – it’s prettier. And I tend to grab random things I see in your house – a basket, a pillow – things that inspire an idea for a lovely shot. I might ask you to move things to get the best arrangement.

Please review the package descriptions for rates and what each package includes. Also please review my image copyright policy, which covers both your use of the images from your session, and my use for professional purposes.

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