What To Expect With Your Baby Session

How is a baby session different from a newborn session?

The biggest difference is your baby’s involvement in what’s going on. A newborn, except for when hungry, is most often still and content to snuggle into a cozy basket and let us get all the pictures we want. Newborns are also very likely to fall asleep during their session. Babies (little ones between 8weeks and 4 or 5 months) will be much more alert and interested in what’s happening – which can make the session a little more challenging but a lot more fun!

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Before babies can sit up, they need support for posing for photos. Boppy-style nursing pillows or a roomy basket filled with a soft blanket are great for this. Many of the best photos for pre-sitters come from being on their tummy, in “tummy time”. Even babies who don’t like tummy time will do ok for a few minutes at a time posed this way. I bring a basket and a selection of blankets, but encourage you to have your own favorite blankets on hand as well.

Babies are very responsive to efforts to get smiles and laughs, so you will help with the photo session by getting your baby’s attention, waving toys in baby’s line of sight, and singing or other tricks to coax smiles. Babies will also need a break or two during a full session, for a snack or even a full feeding. It’s always better to take a little break if your baby gets fussy – an unhappy baby is not likely to calm down while the camera is pointed at her and every one in the room is begging for smiles. But usually after a a little break and comforting, she’ll be ready for more photos.

Babies also tend to wear out very visibly at some point – usually between 1 and 1.5 hrs into the photo session. Some don’t but most that I have worked with hit a point at which they’re very tired, and a little overstimulated, and it’s really time to wrap up the session. It helps to know this will happen, so when your baby starts giving you the signals that he has had enough, we know to accept that and let them relax and return to mama or daddy. After many years of working with babies, I know this moment is coming, so I make sure to get LOTS of shots while baby is at his happiest, so that when they’re ready to quit, I’ve got plenty of images to work with.

Clothing tips are similar to newborns – simple, snug fitting outfits are best, but feel free to use those really cute outfits you love. Don’t forget you can still do naked/nearly-naked shots at this age too. I typically recommend skipping the shoes and just enjoying those adorable bare feet.

Please review the package descriptions for rates and what each package includes. Also please review my image copyright policy, which covers both your use of the images from your session, and my use for professional purposes.

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