What to Expect at Your Maternity Session

Being pregnant is weird and amazing and exciting and overwhelming and brief (even though there are times it feels like forever). Your photo session can and will reflect all those feelings – and will capture the moment in time when you are gorgeously with child. 

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I recommend planning your maternity session to take place both at your home and at an outdoor location you love. As long as weather permits, outdoor locations offer beautiful light and backgrounds. And they can be places that are meaningful to you and your partner. And the shots at home are where you can bare your belly comfortably – usually where there is lovely light through a window or door. The session usually lasts 1.5 – 2 hrs, including any travel time between locations.

For outfits, I recommend choosing something form-fitting. You’ll want your tummy to take center stage. Maxi dresses are great for this, as are t-shirts that hug your tummy. Leggings or comfortable pants are also great. One thing to keep in mind for anything you before the part of your session where you show your tummy (if you’re doing that part) is that some pants and skirts will leave a mark on your skin – so if you have the option, go with ones that come under your belly rather than over it. For those pictures with your beautiful belly showing, I recommend bandeau bras on top, or a simply styled bikini top, with full skirts. A camisole can also be folded to fit up over your tummy. These are just recommendations – the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing! I am happy to consult with you in advance about your outfits for the session.

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Please review the package descriptions for rates and what each package includes. Also please review my image copyright policy, which covers both your use of the images from your session, and my use for professional purposes.


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