{inspire} Using ledges to display Photography | Washington DC Family Photographer


Want to maximize your displays with a minimum of holes in your walls? You need ledges!

You see it all over the place once you start looking – great looking homes making use of photo ledges to create art displays with huge impact. If you’re wondering where you can use a ledge to display art, the answer is, basically everywhere:


Over the bed – using just a couple of large prints, or several smaller ones blended with other meaningful items.



In an entry hall, paired with hooks for jackets and bags, a photo ledge introduces guests to who your family is, and what you’re about. In a hall, and otherwise awkward wall becomes a gallery of family photos that even the littlest members of the family can see and enjoy.



An office ledge keeps visual clutter from accumulating on your desk, and raises the photos you love up to standing eye level while keeping your work area distraction free. Inspiration is only a raising of your eyes away!

Over the sofa is a traditional location for your most prized and meaningful art. Blend family photos with other artwork that inspires you for an eclectic tribute to the things you love.

Chelsea at two twenty one describes her process of setting up her photo ledges over her sofa – there is tons of great advice here.

So get out that level and power drill, hang a ledge, and fill it up with photographs you love.

Do you need more photographs to love? Contact me to schedule a family photo session today!


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