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I LOVE finding creative ways to display photography. Not every photo needs to be on a 20×30 canvas – but you might still love seeing it every day. Prints are quick and inexpensive – and there are several great sources for printing those photos hiding in your phone!

So what can you do with those prints? I am loving the displays created with simple clips. They’re so versatile there’s a look for every home and every kind of photography or artwork you might want to display.



Here are two simple clipboards transformed into frames that can be changed out in a flash. One is the standard wooden clipboard you can fins anywhere, hung in a row across a wall. Just clip in an 8×10 of your favorite images, and change it up as often as you like. The other is a beautiful set of clipboards made from a single 1×12 board. The tutorial is here, along with a link to purchase the gorgeous fruit and veggie prints — or just fill it with your own fantastic photos!



Wire and clips make sleek, modern displays for uniformly shaped images. IKEA sells curtain wire and clips perfect for this arrangement. Some labs offer print options specifically for your square format Instagram prints. Most craft stores that include framing materials sell square precut mats like those in the photo above.



The humble clothespin is elevated in the two examples above. The first is a great shabby chic example of upcycling – an old wooden door finds new life with some twine, mini-clothespins, and a collection of favorite prints. The second is a mod DIY display for photography, kids art, postcards and art cards – change them out as often as you need fresh inspiration. Or as fast as your kids can produce the next crayon masterpiece.

To see more photo displays that I love, follow me on Pinterest!

Or maybe it’s time to get some new, display-worthy photographs made – in that case, contact me to book a photo session today.


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