{beyond the headshot} Lifestyle Portraits for Vibrant Women in Business


(c) Red Turtle Photography | {Beyond the Headshot}


Because you have many different smiles.

 (c) Red Turtle Photography | Beyond the Headshot


Because your work has many different angles.


(c) Red Turtle Photography | Beyond the Headshot


Because your “office” is an extension of your creativity.

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Beyond the Headshot


Because the details are the texture of your passion.

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Beyond the Headshot


Because your vibrance colors everything you touch. 

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Beyond the Headshot


Because you have a lot to say. 

(c) Red Turtle Photography | Beyond the Headshot


Because of all this, you deserve to go beyond the headshot.

Nothing against the headshot — it’s a great place to start.

But a vibrant woman in business is living her brand. You’ve got a website, a Facebook page, a blog, Linked-In, and you’re dabbling in Pinterest. You have ideas for powerful content and you need unique, beautiful images to bring that content to life. And YOU need to be in those images.

That’s where I come in, to take you beyond the headshot.

{a little background}

After shooting head shots for many years, I took a break from them. Something was missing. I was meeting sparkling, clever women doing creative, hard, meaningful work. I wasn’t capturing that in a short headshot session. My clients liked their pictures, but I wanted women to be OVER-THE-MOON-HAPPY with their pictures. During my little hiatus I reapplied myself to creative expression in my other work, I spent some time studying masters of women’s portraiture like Sue Bryce, and I began playing with lifestyle portraiture – a documentary form that includes details and activities as well as posed and candid images. Ideas began coalescing in my mind, and that’s when I got a call from someone who would become my first client for “Lifestyle Portraits for Vibrant Women in Business”. Together, we crafted the perfect shoot to reflect her health and life coaching business, styled around her new branding and bursting with personality and the details that create the context of her business. The results were amazing – I was energized and my client was OVER-THE-MOON-HAPPY with her pictures. BEYOND THE HEADSHOT was born.

{how it works}

Your BEYOND THE HEADSHOT session begins with an email or a call to get the ball rolling. We will schedule a phone call or coffee meeting so I can learn more about your business, your marketing, how you reach out to new clients and interact with current ones, how you envision using the images we will create, and what you love about your work and your life. We’ll create a “Shots Wishlist” from which I will build your photoshoot plan. Your shoot will include all the time you need with my professional hair and make up artist (herself a vibrant woman in business, and one of the kindest, most talented women I know), and as much time as we need over the course of a morning or a day or a series of days, to capture the images from your wish list. After our shoot, I work through all the images, selecting the very best ones, editing and retouching, to curate your collection. When I present you with your gallery, you will be OVER-THE-MOON-HAPPY to see your work, your brand and your life shining out of the pictures we’ve created together. And they’re yours to use in all the ways you can think of to promote and enhance the work you do.

{what’s included}

Phone or in-person planning session

Worksheet for building your Shots Wishlist

A quote describing how and where we’ll shoot, estimated time, and cost for your shoot

Hair and make up with trusted, professional MUA on the day of your shoot

My creative direction and professional skill throughout our shoot

Careful image selection and editing/retouching

An online gallery with download of high-resolution images, with reprint and business use permission


BEYOND THE HEADSHOT sessions start at $450 for a half-day shoot

CONTACT ME for full package details.

{when can I start?}

I will be booking just two BEYOND THE HEADSHOT sessions per month for the remainder of 2014. Some months are already fully booked so contact me soon. I am currently taking reservations for sessions between August 2014 and March 2015.

May 2014-35


2 Comments on “{beyond the headshot} Lifestyle Portraits for Vibrant Women in Business

    • Thank you! The work I’ve done so far has been so much fun. I look forward to many more creative shoots with brilliant women!

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