{baby} Marvelous Megan | Rockville Children’s Photography


This was my final session of “Baby’s First Year” with Megan and her parents. Hard to believe she was so recently a newborn, when I see the weeble-wobble in her steps as she learns to steady herself, the funny but oh-so-serious moodiness of a toddler in the midst of mastering new skills, and the hint of sophistication in her sometimes skeptical gaze.

This photo session might not have been Megan’s idea of fun, but that didn’t keep me from getting some great shots and preserving some of the famous “Megan” expressions that will be treasured by her mama and daddy for years to come.

Megan’s grandparents lent us use of their beautiful Maryland acreage outside of Rockville. The rustic wooden fence and the light filtering through the trees gives it a warm, cozy feeling that only you can only get in the countryside.

Often times, a certain toy is the saving grace that can ward off a full-blown toddler melt down. In this case, it was the toy ice cream cone. That, and the family dogs jumping all around me as I shot!  The sassy pink sunglasses and her pouty pink lips may be an indication of a super star in the making – add a scarf and you’d have a little Audrey Hepburn.

 (c) Red Turtle Photography


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