{celebrate} Mother’s Day Memory Making

It’s RIGHT around the corner!

Mother’s Day.

And there’s still plenty of time to find/make/buy the prefect gift that shows the mom in your life that you really *get* what she does, and that you’re really *glad* she does it. Because mostly that’s what we moms want. That, and one more hour’s sleep.


From laurenconrad.com, here’s what I’m gonna make or myself and pretend was a gift: a “best mom ever” coffee set. Super simple instructions on how to create this pretty set using a metallic paint pen. Even a dad could pull this off, but it seems ideal for school-aged kids with Dad’s supervision.



Here’s what I send my own every year – no kidding, it’s her favorite Mother’s Day present. I am lucky enough to know and do frequent work for Baked By Yael, a DC-based bakery that ships its famous Best Cakepop Ever all over the US. Having an in with this local baker means my mom has the hook-up for life. You can have the hook-up for life too, because Yael will create a cake pop gift basket for the mom in your life and deliver it right to her door! Mom will not be disappointed, but she also won’t share.

(c) Red Turtle Photography





Ever made use of the internet’s bountiful bank of “free printables”? If not, here’s your chance! You can google or visit Pinterest and do a search for “mother printables” and find loads of lovely sentiments nicely designed with great typography. Print it out – print it on a really nice heavy, textured paper if you can find one, or even upload it to your favorite print lab and order it as an 8×10 print, and put it in a nice frame. Voila! Art for mom. Here’s one you might like, from myfabulesslife.com.

mother's day printable b&w wm



Want to *really* knock mom’s socks off? Give her the gift of a photography session! Consider a Mother’s Day Short Story session (dates coming up soon!) or a full family portrait session. Red Turtle Photography has lovely gift cards you can give mom on her special day (I recommend tucking it under her coffee cup when you serve breakfast in bed). You can leave it to her to schedule the session, or you can go the extra mile and have the date and time all worked out. Let me know if you want to include hair and make-up for mom, to make it SUPER awesome for her. Take a look at some Red Turtle Photography’s gorgeous images of mamas, then contact me to order your gift card or book a session… and pat yourself on the back for a home run Mother’s Day gift in the bag!



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