{mother} Jessey and her children

Most family photo shoots are about the children. Because they’re little and amazing and changing so fast. It makes sense. We want to look back years from now and remember our children at this stage… then at this stage… then this stage. 

But imagine a family photo shoot centered on you. You’re the mother. You’re the wife. You’re a woman. You’re you. 

Nearly every mom has experienced that sense of getting a bit lost in the demands of being a mother. Sometimes I feel like I exist in the center of a tiny little tornado, everything sucked in and flying past me. It would be nice to feel like I was at the center of, say, a clear breezy afternoon, with the wind blowing my hair and kiddos playing just out of reach.

So I envisioned a shoot where most of the pictures were about mom. Mom alone, just being the amazing person she is apart from her family. Mom with her children, being that amazing person for her children. And Mom with her spouse, acknowledging the powerful love that spawned the tiny tornado that life has become.

A friend from my Blacksburg, Virginia days happened to be living in the DC area now and I thought she might make an excellent model for my idea. She brought her family over one Sunday afternoon and we made use of my pretty fantastic dining room “studio”. Here’s what we ended up with.

Thank you, Jessey and family. I hope you enjoy these photos – and that years from now your grown children marvel at just how gorgeous their mother has always been.

March 2014-22


shaudt family shoot 2


March 2014-38

Shaudt Family


March 2014-35


You deserve a beautiful, “mom-centered” family photo session. Talk to me today!


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