{breastfeeding} World Breastfeeding Week mini-sessions

The first week of August is “World Breastfeeding Week”. As a breastfeeding mama myself, I was eager to celebrate with other nursing moms, and it just so happened that I’d made an amazing connection with one Joanna Eddy. Through Joanna, I had the tremendous honor of working with Lactation Consultant Organization of Greater Washington to provide a few mommies with breastfeeding portrait mini-sessions.

We could not have had a more beautiful day or location. At Green Spring Garden in Alexandria, I found a huge, beautiful tree in the middle of a lawn that really spoke to me – grounded to the earth, taking nourishment from its roots and sharing its shade with us. The light throughout the afternoon was simply amazing, and the photos I was able to capture with the dozen or so mamas reflected the richness of the day.

I am very lucky to have spent a little time with each of these mamas and their sweet, hungry children. I am in love with these beautiful images. Happy World Breastfeeding Week!


2 Comments on “{breastfeeding} World Breastfeeding Week mini-sessions

  1. LOVE this series!!!!! I am a nursing mother and to have something like this woul mean so much to me!! So glad these mothers got this experience and the images couldn’t be more beautiful!!!

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