Photographers Changing the World for Women and Girls

Friends, I received an email yesterday from a wonderful writer who runs a company copywriting for non-profits. Kathy herself is an amazing woman doing wonderful work, and as often happens, she knows other amazing women doing wonderful work. Her email read:

To women I respect,

My friend Annie Griffiths, longtime National Geographic Photographer, has started a charity to help bring photo, video and other journalistic assets to organizations helping women and girls in the developing world.  Annie recently did a TexX talk and we’re trying to get more folks to see it. Please watch it below!
If this fits in with anything you are talking about in your blogs or if you can tweet or Facebook the link, I would be most grateful. If you watch even a few minutes, I know you’ll be as impressed as I am with Annie and her passion for helping some of the most vulnerable women and girls in the world.
Obviously I was intrigued, and after watching Annie’s TedX video I am honored to share it here in hopes that you will learn more about her work, and find a way to contribute – whether making a donation or simply sharing this video with other women you know.
Our networks are powerful stuff, and the connections we have can bring real support to moms and daughters in countries where life is far more drastic and fragile than our own. I hope you’re inspired to share the message!

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