What to Wear: Children’s Edition

Many clients ask me for advice on what their kids should wear for portraits, so I thought I might offer some suggestions here for anyone wondering. A few basic guidelines are all you need: solids or very tiny prints are usually best (I say usually, because there are exceptions!), and when choosing a color think about which outfits you think your child really looks good in – what brings our her eyes or makes his skin glow? Those colors will work for photos too. Kids clothes should be comfortable and allow freedom of movement. Don’t wear a skirt that will require constant vigilance to keep down or sweaters that itch. For babies, avoid outfits that bunch up at the neck and keep a bib on till time to shoot. Classic white is always a great choice, but don’t fear color. Here are a few examples of great outfits my clients have worn:

Baby D.'s bright orange flattered his skin and was a great contrast to his mom's blue top.

Baby C's smocked dress reflected the pink blooms at the Arboretum and her pretty pink cheeks.

Mr. J's dark top with khaki's flattered his pale skin, while little sister M's pastel patterned dress was complemented by the wood and stone surroundings.

The delicate print in Miss N's dress brings out her pale red hair, and I just love the way it cascades over her lap in this shot.

Classic white is always a great option.

Simple and comfortable allows personality to come through.

And exception to the "solids" guideline: Miss E's bright patterned dress flatters her golden coloring and echoes the purple blossoms in her garden.

Baby L's baby blues come to life in his striped oxford and sweater vest.

Miss E's pink brightened up her cheeks.

And sometimes you must simply follow your whimsey!


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