Red Turtle Goes Full Time!

I am incredibly excited to announce that Red Turtle Photography is now a full time business.

The birth of my son Del was the catalyst for this decision. For more than eight years now, RTP has been my occasional work – some years busier than others – but with a baby at home and the costs of daycare against a non-profit salary, it makes better sense for me to become my own boss and run RTP as my business, in addition to being the one lucky enough to take care of this fabulous little boy every day.

I am very grateful to my husband Zach who’s supporting this decision and the family while RTP grows into a productive business. And I am very grateful to everyone who has hired me over the last eight years, giving me endless opportunities to fine-tune my skill and artistry in images. If you’ve loved your photos, please take a moment to tell a friend about Red Turtle Photography and help me make this new venture, this new chapter in my life, a success!

Red Turtle Photography


3 Comments on “Red Turtle Goes Full Time!

  1. Congrats! Now you need to change the Welcome thingy over there on the side. 😉

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