Leah’s 11-11-11 Wedding

I’m SO late posting this session! Blame it on a new baby.

I love how photography connects me to people, and one such connection is Leah. I knew Leah several years ago when I lived in Blacksburg, VA. We worked together at Starbucks for a while, and lost touch when I moved to D.C. But thanks to Facebook, Leah and I reconnected in time for her to ask me to photograph her wedding, planned for November 11, 2011 — the magical 11-11-11 date! She didn’t mind at all that I’d be 8 and half months pregnant at her wedding, and thanks to my best friend and fellow photographer, Kristina Meacham shooting with me that day, I got to photograph Leah and Dave’s beautiful wedding at Keswick Vineyard on a crisp, golden autumn day. Here are a few of my favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I just wanted to add that as a wedding venue, Keswick was beautiful and the care the couple and family received were superb. Just 1.5 hrs from DC, I would highly recommend Keswick to any couple looking for a wedding venue!


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