My friend Susannah is an all-around beautiful person. On top of that, she had a bag full of colorful accessories and we had the alleyways and courtyards of Georgetown to play with all morning. Perfect overcast sky. We even found a red Vespa to lean against for a couple of shots. Finished it off with a clementine and iced tea right before the rain started. Part two of our shoot will be next weekend!

Even better, I got this email from Susannah about her shoot: “Working with you was a joy. As someone who isn’t really comfortable playing “the model,” your radiating kindness and warmth quickly put my uneasiness to rest. Thus, encouraging a lightness within my photoshoot to capture those quality moments. Not only do you possess a strong vision as an artist, you also maintain a flexibility. For instance, when I was inspired to toss a bundle of fallen leaves into the air. You responded as cool as a cucumber and simply began snapping away. Thanks to your sparkle, creativity, and professionalism, what otherwise could have been an intimidating experience, instead was a delightful and memorable adventure.”
Thank you, Susannah! I want everyone I shoot with to feel that good about it afterward!

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2 Comments on “Oh,Susannah!

  1. Katie – I’m a friend of Susannah’s and these really do capture her playfulness! Awesome pics!! Kudos!

    • Thank you! It was so much fun to shoot with her – I LOVE creative people as subjects!

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